The New Albany Founders Day Committee would like to thank the residents of New Albany and Plain Township and all of our Community
Sponsors and Event Donors that make our event one of the best!

NAME OF GROUP: ______________________________________________________________________

GROUP CONTACT PERSON: _____________________________________________________________

EMAIL: ___________________________________         PHONE NUMBER:_______________________

EVENING PHONE NUMBER: _____________________________________________________________

NUMBER OF VEHICLES: ______________________   NUMBER OF PEOPLE:_____________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________

CITY:______________________________________                        ZIP:________________________

Saturday May 21, 2016
Line-up begins at 9:30AM with parade start time at 11:00AM

Please describe your entry in 25 words or less on the back of this form. This description will be read as your entry passes by the grandstands.

Type of Entry (please check all that apply):
Business or Commercial Vehicle
Elected Official or Candidate
Non-Profit Organization
Horse Drawn Entry (Business)
Horse Drawn Entry (Private)
Walking Group
Individual (street performer, clown, etc)

There is a $25.00 entry fee for profit organizations and no fee for non-profit organizations. Of course, donations are always welcome to help support future Founders Day
Celebrations!  Please return this form, the signed parade rules, parade description, and entry fee or any donations to address below.

Please make all checks payable to
New Albany Founders Day and return with this form to:

Stacy Adkins
7841 Kiowa Way
Worthington, Ohio 43085
New Albany Founders Day Parade Rules

The Parade Committee for the New Albany Founders Day reserves the right to change or modify any rules concerning the New Albany Founders Day Parade.  Signing this document will give full responsibility to your entry.  By
agreeing to these rules, your entry will be asked to follow all the instructions and official rules of the New Albany Founders Day Parade so that we may have a fun and safe parade.

1. DISTRIBUTION OF CANDY/LITERATURE: Candy and literature are a great way to get people directly involved in the parade and is encouraged.  However, please do so with safety in mind.  People walking during the parade
must keep up their entry while participating.
2. REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE/ENTRY: Once the parade is moving, please remain in your vehicle or entry.  Once line-up has begun, it is imperative that and adult is with the entry at all times.
3. HORSE DRAWN ENTRIES: All horses or horse drawn entries must have ways in which to immediately remove any animal excrement from the street.
4. CONTINUE MOVING: Once the parade has started, please keep moving unless the parade has slowed or stopped.  Keep the suggested distance of at least one car length from the entry in front of you.
5. EMERGENCIES: If an emergency does occur, please pull to the RIGHT and allow vehicles to pass quickly.

I have read the rules and regulations and agree to follow them.  Each person participating in our unit will also follow each rule and instruction given by any parade official.  I understand that is or any member of the unit violates
these rules in any way we can be removed from the parade and asked not to participate in any future events in New Albany.  I state that I have liability insurance which covers my entry and all those participating with my entry.  I
take full responsibility for my parade unit and will not hold the New Albany Founders Day Commission or the Village of New Albany responsible for any injuries, damages, or claims resulting in the participation of the New Albany
Founders Day Parade.

NAME OF ENTRY:__________________________________________________________

PRINTED NAME OF ENTRY LEADER: _______________________________________

SIGNATURE:_____________________________________        DATE:__________________

Please return this signed form and your Parade Entry Form by May 1, 2016.
The parade will start at 11:00 a.m. at the Church of the Resurrection at 6300 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. in New Albany and will cross Dublin-Granville Rd., head south on Market St. to
Main St./Rt. 62, then left onto Main St./Rt. 62 and back up through the city.  The parade will turn north onto High St./Rt. 605 to the campus of the New Albany Elementary 2-5 building
where the remainder of the day's festivities will take place.