New Albany Founders Day

Founders Day Parade Rules

Updated on February 19, 2024

By agreeing to these rules, your entry and participants will be asked to follow all the instructions and official rules of New Albany Founders Day and the Dr. Glyde A. Marsh New Albany Founders Day Parade so that we may have a fun and safe parade. The following rules are to ensure that everyone attending the parade, whether a participant or spectator, has an enjoyable, accident-free day. These rules will be strictly enforced.

  1. LINEUP: Parade lineup begins at 9:30 AM at New Albany Intermediate School (177 N High St.) The parade begins promptly at 11:00 AM and entries who arrive late may be omitted from the parade. Organizers will notify entrants of their placement in the parade 1-2 days in advance of the parade, although onsite changes may be necessary. All entries must stay in their assigned placement throughout. 
  2. ROUTE: The parade begins at New Albany Intermediate School, will follow N. High Street, Main St, and E. Dublin Granville Road, and will end at Church of the Resurrection (6300 E Dublin Granville Rd). 
  3. DISTRIBUTION OF CANDY/LITERATURE: Candy and literature may be distributed during the parade but please do so with safety in mind. Candy and literature may only be given hand-to-hand to the crowd and not thrown from vehicles or floats. Any distributed materials must align with the parade entry and cannot come from a separate business or organization. Distribution of materials along the parade route by people or organizations who have not registered to be in the parade is strictly prohibited and any violators will be asked to leave the festival.
  4. MOTOR VEHICLES: All cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles must be appropriately registered and licensed with the state, carry insurance, and be operated by a fully licensed driver over the age of 18. The owner warrants that the vehicle is in sound mechanical condition with no known defects or safety concerns. Participants may sit in the back of trucks or on the folded top of a convertible, but not on the hood, trunk, or roof of any vehicles. Once the lineup has begun, it is always imperative that an adult stays with the entry. Once the parade is moving, please remain in your vehicle or entry. Keep the suggested distance of at least 20-30 feet (2-3 car lengths) from the entry in front of you. If your vehicle breaks down, please pull to the right so that other entries may move past you.
  5. FLOATS AND TRAILERS: No entry may exceed 13 feet in height due to traffic lights and must be the width of a single lane of traffic. All floats are required to have a fire extinguisher on board. All decorative materials should be flame retardant and not impede the operation of the vehicle. The use of open flames on any entry is prohibited. Once the lineup has begun, it is always imperative that an adult stays with the entry. Once the parade is moving, please remain in your vehicle or entry.
  6. INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS: People walking or riding some sort of mobility device during the parade must keep up with their entry while participating. Any person riding a bicycle, wearing rollerblades, riding a scooter, using a skateboard, or other wheeled apparatus, must wear a helmet. No dangerous tricks, erratic driving, or acrobatics may be performed unless it is part of the theme of your entry and must be approved by the organizers.
  7. ANIMAL ENTRIES: All animals including but not limited to dogs, horses, and horse-drawn entries must have a way in which to immediately remove any animal excrement from the street. All animals must be controlled by means of a harness, halter, or leash if not otherwise contained. Animals must be listed on the parade application. All animals must have updated vaccinations, be in good medical health, and be able to cope with crowds and other animals.
  8. CONTINUAL MOTION: All entries must stay in their assigned placement throughout the parade. No one may join or participate in the parade unless they are formally part of the group and will not impede or in any manner interfere with parade progress. People may not join the parade mid-way through, including parents. Once the parade has started, please keep moving unless the parade has slowed or stopped. There may be no stationary performances during the parade. 
  9. APPROPRIATE CONDUCT: The following items and behaviors are strictly prohibited from the parade:
    • Obscene or vulgar images, gestures, and language.
    • No firecrackers, caps, blanks, incendiary devices, or other frightening equipment.
    • Alcohol, drugs, and other illegal substances.
    • Themes or behaviors exhibiting bullying, violence,  or any other negative or harmful behavior
  10. MUSIC AND SOUND: Entries (other than marching bands) playing live or recorded music or sounds must do so at a reasonable volume level and shall not drown out the music from another entry. Music must be age-appropriate for children and contain no obscene language. Continuous blowing of loud horns or sirens is prohibited.
  11. POLITICAL CANDIDATES AND ELECTED OFFICIALS: All political entries must participate in the spirit of civility and good taste. Please keep in mind that this is a family community event, not a rally or a protest.
  12. TRASH: Please clean up the area around you and ensure that no trash is left behind, both at the staging grounds and along the parade route.
  13. EMERGENCIES: If an emergency occurs with your entry, stop immediately, pull to the right, and call 911 if you need medical assistance. If a situation occurs where emergency vehicles need to pass, stop immediately, pull to the right, and keep all of your participants with your entry.


The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct of all its participants and agrees to notify all participants of these rules and regulations in advance of the parade. Any member or entry that violates these rules in any way may be removed from the parade the day of the festival and may forfeit their right to participate in any future events in New Albany. Parade monitors will be posted along the parade route to ensure the safety of parade participants and spectators.

By submitting an application, parade entrants agree to hold New Albany Founders Day, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and the City of New Albany, Ohio harmless for any and all losses, expenses, demands, and claims against the festival sustained or alleged to have been in any way related to New Albany Founders Day Festival and Parade. Parade entrants also agree and acknowledge that the New Albany Founders Day, its Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and the City of New Albany are not responsible in any way for any personal injury, illness, property damage, or loss of property that may occur during the New Albany Founders Day Festival and Parade. Parade entrants agree, acknowledge, and further certify that the parade entrant and parade entrant’s property, equipment, and vehicles are properly insured for any and all losses incurred and/or damages caused by the parade entrant or any party.

This document includes all components of the agreement of the parties and is fully incorporated herein. The application materials provided by the parade entrant to New Albany Founders Day shall be incorporated herein by reference. No other promises made prior to the execution of this agreement have been omitted from this document. The parties may mutually agree to modify this agreement; however, such modification shall only be binding upon the parties by signed written agreement. No oral modification or agreement outside the scope of this agreement shall be binding upon either party.

Parade entrants are independent operators and through this agreement, no agency, partnership, or joint venture relationship is created by New Albany Founders Day. The parade entrant, its owners, employees, or other agents shall not represent themselves as representatives of the New Albany Founders Day. Parade entrants shall not enter into any contract or other agreement which would cause the New Albany Founders Day to be liable in any way with any other party, including but not limited to, manufacturers, parade entrants, or other suppliers, etc.