New Albany Founders Day

New Albany Founders Day is Saturday, May 11, 2024

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New Albany Founders Day is Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Founders Day Parade Rules

The Parade Chair for New Albany Founders Day reserves the right to change or modify any rules concerning the Dr. Glyde A. Marsh New Albany Founders Day Parade. Completing the parade entry form gives full responsibility to your entry. By agreeing to these rules, your entry will be asked to follow all the instructions and official rules of the Dr. Glyde A. Marsh New Albany Founders Day Parade so that we may have a fun and safe parade.

1. DISTRIBUTION OF CANDY/LITERATURE: Candy and literature are a great way to get people directly involved in the parade and is encouraged. However, please do so with safety in mind. Candy and literature many only be handed to the crowd and not thrown from moving vehicles. People walking during the parade must keep up with their entry while participating.

2. REMAIN IN THE VEHICLE/ENTRY: Once the parade is moving, please remain in your vehicle or entry. Once line-up has begun, it is imperative that an adult is with the entry at all times.

3. HORSE DRAWN ENTRIES: All horses or horse drawn entries must have ways in which to immediately remove any animal excrement from the street.

4. CONTINUE MOVING: Once the parade has started, please keep moving unless the parade has slowed or stopped. Keep the suggested distance of at least one car length from the entry in front of you.

5. EMERGENCIES: If an emergency does occur, please pull to the RIGHT and allow vehicles to pass quickly.

Each person participating in your unit must follow each rule and instruction given by any parade official. Any member of the unit that violates these rules in any way we can be removed from the parade and asked not to participate in any future events in New Albany. You take full responsibility for your parade unit and the New Albany Founders Day Committee and the City of New Albany are not responsible for any injuries, damages, or claims resulting in the participation of the Dr. Glyde A. Marsh New Albany Founders Day Parade.